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Delightful Donuts

gourmet donuts hand made by guardians of happiness
Donut Friday's on Facebook

Like and follow our Facebook Page, so you can see the latest flavour combinations available each Friday.

Orders are taken up until Thursday's at 9pm.

 5 donuts for $10. Mix and match your flavours!

Pickup is between 7am and 7pm on Fridays.

Please include an ETA for pickup.


Alternatively, we can deliver to Bunbury addresses between 8.30am-12noon Friday for an extra $2.

To order message us on Facebook or comment on our weekly Donut Friday's post. Be sure to let us know how many donuts and what flavours you would like plus an address if you would like delivery!

Say it with Donuts!

Forget the flowers - say it with donuts instead!

Gorgeous, tasty donuts, handmade with love and presented as a stunning bouquet or a pretty posie

Whatever the occasion or for any reason at all really!

Various flavours available in different combinations.

Contact Natalie via email, phone or Facebook to find out more.

gourmet donut bouquet hand made by guarians of happiness
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